let's tighten up the ship

Thursday July 11,2013


"Nasty Girls" 

3 rounds

50 squats

7 muscleups

10 hang clean 135/95

*sub muscleups with 25 burpees

I was speaking with Coach Mark this afternoon and we were discussing it's time to meet the standards. For instance, a squat is not a squat without the hips passing parallel. NO REP! a pullup is not a pullup if your chin does not pass the bar or you don't meet full extension at the bottom. You are not helping yourself by not doing the full range of motion. We always want to be progressing in our movements. We should be wanting to hopefully remove ourselves from the band. Most of us are, some of us are not. I want us to be a box that is known for many things and one of those things are having integrity with the standards of the movements. Can you NO REP yourself? do you have that kind of integrity? If you think i'm talking about you then, yes, i am talking about you. ( i don't have any one person in mind, haha,)  

Anyway, we are going to tightening up the ship around here. get ready. I don't care about your time. I care first that you did everything you were supposed to the way you were supposed to do it.  

Hopefully, I am not coaching and Baby Layla is here. But if not, I will be there!! have a great day.