Stretch those calves and announcements!

Friday!! june 21,2013

prewod: calves (see video)


12 min Amrap
20 double unders
100 m run
10 toes to bar

post wod: calves (see video) DO IT FOR A FULL 10 MINUTES!!

**Please see announcement board as Matt Wilson needs some help packing up his house.He has assured us that his house will be all boxed up and ready to pack. July 13 after wod from 9:30-12:30. Sign up if you can help!**

** Also, if you have kids in the kids room, it needs to be picked up just the way you found it. Thanks!**

** Aso, Please be patient with Coach Dave as he and krista are waiting for baby Layla to arrive. At that time he may have to run out of the class or maybe not show up because it happens so quick. Please extend grace as he understands that the business still needs to continue. Thanks!**

** Also, when baby Layla arrives, Coach Dave will have to take some time off to help transition the family to the new addition. In his place, for the majority of classes, will be a guest coach. Please offer grace to him as he will not be completely familiar with our ways.** But rest assured he knows how to bring some really good workouts!!** Thanks!!

stretch those calves!