you control your improvement

Tuesday December 10,2013


1 hang clean
1 hang squat clean

EMOM for 15 minutes

warm up to weight that will be used.


Thinking that maybe you've plateau d  in your fitness? Have you mastered the skills? have you worked your mobility enough so you are able to do the basic fundamental movements to almost perfection? Handstand pushups, pistol squats, muscleups, ring dips, chest to bar pullups, faster runs, longer runs, squat cleans, row, etc?

your improvement is up to you. it's not the box. it's not the coach. It's you. your determination, your time and effort. If you want to be better than do the work. If you're okay with where you are than GREAT! keep fitness a balanced part of your life. 

The bottom line: enjoy the process, you have the rest of your life. Improvements are done in the everyday.