don't slow down

Monday december 9,2013


12 days of christmas

1 clean and jerk 155/105
2 muscle ups
3 Box jumps 36/30 (don't do it jake!)
4 Thrusters 155/105
5 Bar Facing burpees
6 Push press 155/105
7 Pistols (alternating sides)
8 Toes to Bar
9 Wall Balls 20,14
10 C2B
11 Handstand pushups
12 Front squats 155/105

Round 1- As Far as possible in 3 minutes
rest 1 minute
Round 2 - As Far as possible in 6 minutes
rest 2 minutes
Round 3 - As Far as possible in 9 minutes

If chipper is completed then go back to beginning
score is Total reps completed


As we end this year why not be going full steam ahead with your health and fitness. Yes I know there are so many parties that you must attend to (including our own on Thursday at 5-8!) but make coming in and getting your wod a priority. Don't start 2014 behind. Don't slow down! have a great day!