Coaching and up and coming

Monday nov 3 2013

10 mins:
5x2 push press

20 lateral burpees

5 rounds
6 front squats 155/105
10 box jumps

20 lateral burpees

CFL coaches
Recently we have added some new level 1 certified coaches to the team. Just to get everyone on the same page here is what that means and doesn't mean.
Being a coach means that they are level 1 certified. It means that they care about this community. It means that they love doing CrossFit and they love doing it here. It means they understand that they are to give their absolute best effort. It means that they care about the athlete's safety. It means that they are teachable and always interested in learning to be better whether as coach or an athlete.
What it doesn't mean:
That they are the best athlete. That they know everything about all things CrossFit and Olympic lifting and nutrition. That they are shooting to be games athletes.
We are to respect all coaches here no matter what level they are at. You may have been doing CrossFit longer. You may lift heavier than most of the coaches here. You might have all the records at the box. It doesn't matter. We are to extend humility and grace to those leading the class and we are to be a help not a hinderance. These people are giving their time and effort to get the best out of you. In the meantime they are being trained little by little to increase their confidence and knowledge of how to be the best coach they can. Thanks for your understanding and who knows you may be one of our coaches in the future!!