turkey schedule and angels

Monday November 25,2013

Lift: Overhead squat or Deadlift
looking for 70-90% of one rep max on dead and about 60-80 on OHS


5 rounds for time
12 wallballs 20/14
12 sumo deadlift high pull 95/65


Turkey day schedule: 
(pre turkey) thursday 8 and 9
(post turkey) friday 8 and 9


Christmas angels
I have 12 children that are needing some christmas lovin! You can pick up a card at the gym. Basically you just choose a boy or a girl, buy a gift, and drop it back off at the gym.  These kids families are going to be having some tough times this season so if you have some extra to give then pick up a card. Thanks!! let's have a great week of training!