You have the rest of your life

Monday April 15,2013 Strength: Deadlift

you have 15 minutes to complete

Warm up sets: 5x45% of max 5x55% 3x65%

Work sets: 5x75% 3x85% 1+++ @95% (as many as u can do)


7  minute AFAP (as far as possible)

3 handstand pushups 3 chest to bar pullup 6 handstand pushups 6 chest to bar 9 HSPU 9 C2B...


Fortunately for you all I love Olympic lifts. I found this intro vid from Coach B that really reinforces a good practice. There is no rush to lift heavy weights with mediocre form. Become a master at the technique and the weight will come. We're in this for life right? You have all your life to try as much weight as you want. Be a student of the technique! enjoy coach B. Anyone want to go with me to go get your Olympic Lifting Cert?

"The Stance" with Coach Mike BurgenerCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]