13.5 warning

Wednesday April 3,2013 Strength:

Back Squat

Warm Up sets: (percentages based on 1 rep max) 5x35% 5x45% 3x55% Work Sets: 5x65% 5x75% 5+++@85% (on this last set u go for as many reps as u can do...since we like scores, our score would be how many reps we get on this one and at what weight)

WOD Demo with CrossFit Montgomery County - video [wmv] [mov] [HD 


50 reps of hanging from rings and bring legs to L position



if doing 13.5 on Thursday consider that you may want to be fresh and hit that wod with fresh legs. That would require a rest day tomorrow. Does that mean you don't come in? NO, come in. DO mobility. roll out. stretch out. get yourself ready for the final workout.