can you just have a good workout?

Tuesday Feb 19,2013 WOD:

Weather permitting:

1 mile prowler push 90/50

you and your team alternate pushing the prowler to king and back for time.


if weather is being uncooperative there will be an alternative WOD.


Lately I have been thinking, "are you able to just come in, use whatever weight, and have a great workout?" If you originally came to the box to be fit, does it really matter what the rx is? If the prescribed weight is 135 and you use 95 does it make you any less of an athlete?

Large load- Long distance-QUICKLY! whatever the wod is, do it AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Did you know that you can do FRAN (21,15,9 Thrusters, pullups 95/65) with PVC pipe and Jumping pullups and still end up on the floor by how you push yourself?

I challenge you to stretch your mind in these ways.