create patterns

Tuesday Jan 28,2013 WOD:

Five rounds for time of: 50 Double-unders 185 pound Push jerk, 10 reps Rest 1 minute

WOD Demo with Rory McKernan and Jeremy Kinnick - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

It's important to create healthy patterns in your life. In the gym we try to create consistent movements to have the most efficient way possible to move weight around very fast. What patterns have you created? Are they healthy? What patterns do you need to change or rearrange?

Healthy pattern- consistent acts that create positivity and life within you or people or situations around you

UnHealthy Patterns- Negative actions that promote destructive and inefficient lifestyle ( complaining, constant tardiness, etc.)

What patterns have you implemented into your own life? post for us to see