get with the program

Thursday jan 10,2013 WOD:

EMOM for 15 minutes

3 jerk/split jerk

increase weight as necessary (strength day so go as heavy as possible without sacrificing form and technique)

Push Jerk Benefits [wmv][mov» Apr 13 08


Hey Loomis! what's your program? How many days should I train?

Mondays- HERO WOD Tuesdays- STRENGTH/SKILLS lifting Wednesday- 12-15 minute WOD Thursday- Skills and Strength Friday- Benchmark (Fran, Elizabeth,etc) Saturday- Team WOD

A great program for most people will be MWF. If you need more, than the next level would be MTW, rest TH, come back Friday. If you want more, than come on Saturday.

Listen to your body. If you need rest than rest. Be smart about your training program. If you need help than ask!