happy anniversary.

Wednesday Jan 2,2012 WOD:

15 min AMRAP

10 clean and jerk 135/95 15 grasshoppers 20 situps


Happy Anniversary to CFL! It's been 1 year. If you are apart of it today than you are a result of hard work , dedication, and tough decisions. You truly are apart of something great going on in Loomis, Ca. Don't think that you are here by chance. There is a reason. Hopefully this next year you will dig in a little deeper into this community. I have found that at least for CFL that the treasure is in the people and culture that we create. The WOD is just an added benefit. Although we first start out because we want to challenge ourselves physically, we end up creating bonds and relationships that are way more important.


It's a saying that Eli Christopher said to me as we sat eating a meal at the UGLY MUG after a morning WOD. It has stuck. It means that when we train in this ice cold box, we mirror our lives. We train hard so that we will live to the fullest. We count every rep because every act in life counts. We help each other finish because we will need each other in life when tough times come. We give 100% because our families need an ALL OUT effort. We conquer wods because life is  a tough wod and we need to finish well. If you are coming to just do a workout and then leave then you are only experiencing half of what is possible.

I expect this year that you think about this and live in to what CFL is about. Happy Anniversary and I am happy that you are a part of it.