Jan 1,2013Wod

"Murph" 1 mile run 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 squats 1 mile run

With Dave's New Year's Eve post and Omar's inspiring story fresh in mind, lets give Dave's challenges some legs and start this year off with a Nutrition RESET together! Some of you may already be enjoying a Primal/Paleo lifestyle and you didn't experience any setbacks during the holidays. Others of us may feel like we need a fresh start/revamp as the year starts. So lets draw on the same group synergy that gets us through the tough WODs to get us through this nutrition challenge and take ourselves to the next level of fitness we desire!

Here's the Challenge: From January 1st-31st, NO SUGAR & NO WHEAT or GLUTEN. Newcomers (if this is your first CrossFit Nutrition Challenge) are allowed one cheat per week. No cheats for Veterans. There will be a Nutrition Challenge sign up poster at the Box tomorrow during Murph (LETS HIT IT!!). Add your name to the poster and for each day you successfully stick to the challenge, you get to add a silver star (who doesn't love getting stars?!) when you come in for your workouts. Newcomers get one free star each week (ie. that one cheat day your allowed each week). Veterans will pave the way with that bar a little higher.

There will be an envelope to put in $10 for each of us who are participating and the winner (whoever has the most stars at the end of January) gets the pot. If there is more than one winner, the pot will be split. There are 31 total stars possible, as there are 31 days in January.

Lets do this together CrossFit Loomis!