take it in

Wednesday Dec 05,2012 Pre WOD Warm up for OHS

Overhead Squatting Safely [wmv][mov]


AMRAP 15 minutes

7 push press 135/95 10 OH Squats 135/95 15 Toes to bar

WOD Demo with Laurie Galassi and Jussi Mutikainen - video [wmv] [mov]

Just got back from a retreat in Inverness. I took away from there this thought - life passes us by so fast, Take it in. Our kids grow quick, we work so hard and before we know it we are 60 and we will ask "what did I accomplish?" What legacy am i going to leave? Are you aware of the opportunities life is bringing you daily? Are you aware of the people in your life? is your head up?

Let Crossfit be apart of your life. Let it enhance your life. When was the last time you went to the coast and ran along the water till you were tired? Not for time, Not to compete, just to enjoy the ability. If not that then what?

Train for life.