Keeping the culture

October 24,2012 WOD:

12 min AMRAP 5 front squats 135/95 10 burpees

Finisher: 200 m Medicine ball clean throw

We have something pretty good here. CF Loomis is a very positive place. Very encouraging. Not alot of pride in the box. We all seem to be having a really good time being challenged by wod's. There is alot of growth going on. Members getting stronger and faster and thinner! I really want to keep this culture alive. Check yourself. Make sure that your attitude is continuing to be  a positive force in the box and powerful influence among this crew. Who have you encouraged lately? who have you cheered on to finish the wod? Don't just come to do the wod, rack your weight, and then leave. Say goodbye. I'll see you next time. A huge part of the amazing experience in crossfit is the community. What part are you playing in building a great community. I think of Mike Fitch who went out of his way to bring a huge pumpkin for the kids. I think of Brian Smith who took upon himself to have an original creation for the new shirt design and take the reigns on getting us shirts and jackets. I think of Mark Limbird who asked his friend to build to sleds for us to push. I think of Misty Smith who got some funky socks for some ladies for Funky Friday. Don't just be here to do the WOD. Be here to create an awesome community and a great experience for yourself and others.