what's up with RX?

Wednesday October 24,2012 WOD:

run 400 m 30 power snatch 75/55 run 400 m

What a great question. What's up with RX? Will i ever get it? Should I do the RX every time?

My thoughts:

I try to do the RX WOD anytime I can. If I can handle the movement and weight then I do it. I typically don't care how long it takes me. Yes, there is always that competitive edge that drives me to be better but ultimately , WHO CARES!? Are you pushing yourself to the limit every time? Are you giving 100%? are you getting stronger? The Rx is a measurement and goal that you should strive to obtain but it is not always mandatory. Some people will be doing crossFit for the rest of their lives and never do the RX. who cares? They may just be having the best time of their life.

One mentality that I like is that one should attack and conquer the workout posted for the purpose of making it so hard that nothing in life even compares. That way, when you go for that triathlon or run or tough mudder it pales in comparison.

So, should you do the rx?

You decide.