day 11- and then there were 4

Sept 13,2012 WOD:

95 pound Thruster, 100 reps

WOD Demo with Karen Pierce - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]


WOW!! It has almost been 2 weeks for this paleo challenge. Congratulations to those that are still in the challenge and sticking with the way of eating. Hopefully it has been eye opening experience this far on the intentionality and effort it takes to rise above the norm of culture and eat good and healthy items. Hopefully it has shown you that you CAN eat healthy! It is all about choices we make and patterns we form throughout our lives. Let's finish this thing strong!

Congratulations to the final 4 that have been perfect through this whole thing- Heather and Justin Tomscak , Jessica Smith, and Paul Cater ( who surprisingly was missing but heard there was a prize involved and all of a sudden showed up at the box...hmm...that's interesting). We may be having a tie breaker if this keeps up.