day 9- a little easier

Sept 12,2012 WOD:

AMRAP 20 minutes

400 m run 10 front squat 115/75


Was reminded of how short life is. A tragic story of an entire family killed in an auto accident yesterday. Was reminded today that we are blessed to have the opportunity to come and workout freely.

Here's the deal: You should live the best life possible. Eat the best way possible. Be the best example to your family possible. Work hard. Workout hard. Have integrity. Be encouraging. When you walk into the gym you should have a VERY POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  Make Loomis the best box possible by all out performances. Not everyone has the luxury of having a facility to workout in. SMILE!!! Is your life really that bad that you cant smile and say hello to everyone you see?  greet everyone so we don't have to do burpees!! No complaining. Do the work. Create an experience. You only live once.

In the end- it will be a little easier.