Let's cleanse the system. A challenge is before us. We are really into incredibly difficult WOD's but can we hone in on our nutrition. Can you for 2 weeks eat like a caveman? sign up on the board if you're in. There is a prize for the winner. Follow this resource for ideas on how to eat and prepare. We start on Tuesday. Grab a logbook and score honestly. Good luck.


Nutrition Points: (28 points possible) (42 negative points possible) -1: Cheat Item. Includes any item that is not paleo or dairy. Maximum negative points in a day is 3. But don’t cheat. +1: Paleo Meal that includes Dairy. +2: Day of paleo. Butter and whey protein are acceptable. Cannot have any cheats during the day to earn 2 points.

Workout Points: (14 points Possible) (14 negative points possible) +1 Workout every day. There will be workouts to do on days you cannot make it to the gym as well as at least 10 minutes of active stretching for recovery days -1 On days that you do not workout or do active stretching.

Bonus Points: (28 points possible) +1 for working on your goat every day in addition to your daily workout. (must spend at least 5 minutes on your goat) +7 for completing the weekly challenges.