till we see you again

August 24,2012 WOD:

Running Diane

21 Deadlift 225/155 21 handstand pushups Run 400 15 Deadlift 15 handstand pushups Run 400 9 Deadlift 9 handstand pushups

*modifications: Deadlift- lighter weight handstand pushups- Target, handrelease pushups Run- 200 m run, 400 m row



It is with a sad heart that CrossFit Loomis will have to say "Til we see you again!" to Aaron and Trish Ward. Trish was one of the very first founding members of CrossFit Loomis. She started at 6 am on Jan 2. It was dark and it was cold! and the gym had 3 bars and a pullup station! She has been here from the beginning and has embraced every part of what we are about. It was a joy to have her and her family running around the box swinging on the rings and ropes as she PR'd her deadlifts and powercleans in the background. She is an amazing athelete and we wish her and Aaron all the best in their new adventure in the bay area. Key things to remember as you hopefully find another box to train in. Aaron, don't drop the bar if it doesn't have any bumpers on it! especially after you have completed a push press which would total the height at about 9 feet. Trish- keep practicing your Turkish Getups! you haven't done enough of them! ( one wod " Hit the deck" Trish got stuck with doing Turkish Getups pretty much the entire 20 minutes)
Anyway, we are going to miss both of you and the energy you bring to the gym. Thanks for trusting the process and always giving 100% effort.