dont be deceived

Thursday July 26,2012 CFE THURSDAY

Skills and Drills

"Shoulder Mobility" with Coach Mike Burgener - video [wmv] [mov]

WOD: hang squat clean

3 on the minute every minute for 12 minutes start with 70% of max and increase as needed. if you don't know your max, start light and add as needed.


10 100 m sprints with 30 secs rest


Programming. "There's not enough strength WOD's", "there's too many MET CONS", "My shoulders hurt", "We just did pullups", "Squats again?", "Burpees Again?", "Box Jumps again?", - YES.

CrossFit is a fitness program designed for the stay at home mom/dad and athlete.We constantly vary and we prepare for anything and everything. The question is this," if I just came and did the WOD would I become fitter?- YES Would I get stronger? -YES

You don't need to do 3 sets of 8 of heavy weight to get stronger. I say this, bust your ASS on every WOD. You will get stronger. Do the mobility work you should and be disciplined about it so that it won't minimize your strength. Perfect your form so that when heavy weight comes your way you have the tools and mobility to deal with it.

Yes, your body may get injured. You increase the risk of injury when you put your body through a regiment and add external objects of weight and manipulate those objects. If you don't want to get injured then sit in your room. But if you want the chance to do amazing feats then I will see you at the box. If you JUST want your body to look good (DMO- display model only) then go to the globo gym and take supplements.

Yes, we will repeat movements and Yes we will do a lot of those movements with quality form. WHEW!!