Thursday June 28,2012 "SQT"

Three rounds for time of: 95 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps 200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice (600 feet= 6x100 ft shuttle sprint)

WOD Demo with CrossFit DC - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]


Recently the box has grown. It's a really good thing. People are starting to hear word that Crossfit is in town. We are eliminating perspectives that Crossfit is just for elite atheletes and people are starting to recognize that it's about functionality and a transfer into life not just about the RX. They are beginning to take the risk and show up. It's great. I encourage those that have been here since the beginning, dive in to this opportunity.There is only one in Loomis. Build this box and create the community that you want. Don't shy away just because new faces are showing up. Set the tone for the type of mental attitude that is required for success on this journey. It's not just about "me" it's about "we".

At the box, what are you doing to give a little for the betterment of someone else? What kind of attitude do you have when you walk into the doors? Sulky, dreading, friendly, happy, positive, negative? What kind of effort are you giving during the WOD?

Here is what I expect: 1. Every person is respected and greeted. 2. No matter what version of the WOD you do ( modified or RX) you give 100% effort and FINISH WHAT YOU START! 3. Leave negativity outside- this is a training facility for the battle outside the box, don't bring that crap in here! 4. An environment of teamwork and Encouragement. We stay till every teammate is finished. 5. We are not just about ourselves. We are ready to help anyone in need. 6. Humility- you don't know everything , you can always learn something. 7. Leadership- Someone is looking up to you whether you know it or not. Lead well!

Comments anyone?