New classes added

Wednesday June 13,2012 Strength: 3 reps EMOM 10 minutes PUSH PRESS

Push Press Issues [wmv][mov]



5 rounds 15 deadlifts 135/95 15 toes to bar

WOD Demo with Jenn Jones - video [wmv] [mov]

Sweet! we are growing!!! We have been on a steady climb to our goal of 60 members. We are over half way there and are continuing to look for those that are interested in joining this community. We will be changing the schedule just a bit  starting JULY 2. We will no longer have a 430 class. We will have a 4:00 and a 5:00 class. So tell all your people that can't make it out at 430 and let them know there is no excuse!

MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY- 6,8,9 am 4,5 pm  NOTICE THERE IS NO 7 am class on these days. TUESDAY- 6,7,8 am 4,5 pm THURSDAY 4,5 pm SATURDAY 8 am

Also, stay tuned for our first CROSSFIT LOOMIS SUMMER POOL PARTY!!

final thought for the night-

- Look, don't get caught up in the comfort and bling of "nice" gyms. Convenience and comfortability make you weak minded. My personal effort is to bring the most difficult conditions so when life is ugly and and uncomfortable it becomes nothing compared to the workout i just encountered. Bring the heat, don't give me A/C. Bring the cold, I will make my own heat! Whatever makes me stronger, physically and mentally bring it. The only thing that makes a box "good" is your own attitude.