breathe, focus, move

Wednesday June 5,2012 Skill: Max height box jump (bring the shin guards)

4 rounds 10 thrusters 115/75 10 wall climbs 3 muscle ups* rest 1 minute

* muscle up modification= 3 dips and 3 pullups per 1 muscle up


A fellow coach was telling me that they were helping a client with some mobility stretching and they were incapable of allowing the muscle to relax. He kept saying , " stop resisting me and let go, RELAX,RELAX,RELAX" Still there was no response. The client had no idea how to let go of the tightened area. Coach then said ,"breathe, breathe,breathe" at once he could feel the area give and was able to stretch it in the way it needed.

We see it all the time. a WOD is too hard. Bad circumstance at work. Life doesn't end up the way we intended. Breathe. It's going to be fine. Quit freaking out. Breathe, so your body and mind can be at ease, Focus in on the "one" step you need to do now, and Move forward.

Forget the clock, Forget that you can't do it "RX". Give 100% and that should be satisfying enough.

One thing to realize: Someone is looking "up" to you. Lead well, no matter what level you are at. Everyone is wishing they could be better. Skinnier, fitter, stronger, better looking. It is your job to learn to be strong in this moment and to help others become like you.