there's always tomorrow.

Thursday May 30,2012 WOD:

6 rounds: Run 200,  10 toes to bar, 10 burpees



It happens. You have a horrible workout. You weren't there mentally. You gave up. You didn't care anymore. You had a bad attitude.

What will you do next? is the question. Will you regroup and hit hard tomorrow? Will you pout? will you make excuses? Will you be challenged?

I for one will get up, shake it off, and hit again tomorrow. There is always tomorrow.

We must always get up. We are training for life. We are training for practices and disciplines beyond the WOD. The general public don't understand that. They think that we are crazy gym rats. They think we just care about how much weight we can lift. It's true. But it's also true that the heavier we lift and the faster we go is only so we will be ready for the obstacles of life.

There is always tomorrow.

Get ready for "grace" on friday. out!