Monday March 19,2012 strength: Push jerk 1-1-1

Wod: 12 min amrap 10 pullups 10 handrelease pushups 250 m run


Are you ready? Everyday presents us with new challenges. Are you ready to confront them? We're finding that these wods are breaking through some pretty thick psychological walls. Start the day off right with your workout. Get ready. Conquer this and you can conquer anything. Push through so you are ready for all that life has to throw at you. GPP= General physical preparedness. As an athelete are you prepared for any workout that is thrown your way? or have you conditioned your body to only do bench press on monday and legs on tuesday. We much rather should be ready to go run 5 miles if we have to. This is the training that we do. This is the standard that we hold ourselves to. Ready for anything. bring it!!!