WOD feb 22,2012 skills: ring work, skin the cat, holds, muscle up progressions, ring pullups, and whatever else we can think of.

endurance: 6x .10mile sprints with 20 second rest- practice pose method


tabata 16 rounds of 20 sec and 10 sec rest for each couplet:

deadlifts (155/105), k2e

box jumps (24/20) pushups


Don't forget to play. We have this life to enjoy. Not just to train and be sore all the time. How are you using your training to explore the possibilities in life? Are you conquering the WODs so you can conquer life's "WODs"? We learn how to move so we can continue moving, we lift more weight so we can be strong enough to carry out our life later, we push our minds aside so that when everything around us is telling us to stop we endure. We increase our fitness so we can play harder. Train hard and go play. What will you do?