Wod Wednesday Feb 15,2012 Skill- work on Pullups/ hand stand pushups 10 minutes

Work Capacity:

7 min amrap:

3 pushups 3 push press 95/65 6 pushups 6 push press 9 push ups 9 push press

... as far as you can go

Have you ever pushed yourself to that point where you "think" you can't go anymore? What will it take to push past that point? Alot of our limitations are not really limitations but the lack of ability to push beyond. Are you able to get to that point and "decide" to go even more. This may be something you need to experiment with. Rest less when you reach "that point". take a breath and get back on it, quickly. Do you ever finish a wod and look back and think, "i could have gone faster." Then why didn't you? "I could have lifted heavier." Then why didn't you? You may hear in the box, " NO REGRETS TODAY!" What that means is to not have a moment later in the day when you say," i could have done it...(fill in the blank)". When you your body is saying "NO" you can't, You can actually tell yourself, "YES" you can and you will! I've seen it done. PUSH PUSH PUSH. NO REGRETS!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66t0CHAzHfc&w=420&h=315]