Wod monday feb 13,2012 skill- squat clean

Work capacity:


150 wallballs for time (20/14) (10ft/8ft)

Karen at CrossFit Firepower [wmv][mov]

What a great weekend. CrossFit Roseville, our sister box, represented very well this weekend. The novice team placed 4th overall our of 32 teams. The Masters team placed 5th out of 36 teams. If you didn't get a chance to see any events there will be more chances to come. Next year we will definitely want to send a team from Loomis to represent. Will you be there?

This weekend made me think of intentions. What are yours? Lose weight, run faster, be stronger, have fun, have community, be more fit, conquer life's obstacles? It's an important question to ask and answer as you continue on this journey. The competition left me wanting to train harder so I could be there next time. I was just itching on the sideline thinking I should be there. Well, that's the sport side of this thing. What about the bigger picture? What about general fitness? Better quality of life? A friend of mine always says, "today doesn't matter, but 90 of these days is what is important." Are you training to live or are you living to train? Both are ok. Will you look back this week and know that you gave 100%? That you saw the hurdles and got past them? What are your intentions? See you there.