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WOD january 31,2012 Strength: Front squats 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 -continue reps every 60 seconds

Work Capacity:

10,9,8,7,6.....1 Kettlebell swing (70/53) Dips

ANNOUNCEMENTS: You must sign up 12 hours before the class you want. If no one signs up the class will be cancelled. As of right now Jan 31, 6,7,8 are cancelled. 9 and 430 are still available.

-Sactown Throwdown :

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Here is a post from our very own MISTY SMITH. Thanks Misty for your thoughts. You are a firebreather!


Another Way – Life Application Through Fitness

By Misty Smith

“Your horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see… sometimes you will.” -Buck Brannaman

I have to admit, I am not a fan of documentaries. Ah Yawn, make me sleep!I’d much prefer to watch an action thriller or adventure drama where I try to figure out the mystery to be unveiled or case to be solved.

Recently at our CrossFit box, we had a conversation, and one of our coaches posted a link to the movie BuckUm, what the heck is this movie, documentary even, on horses have to do with life in regards to fitness? You may have missed this heavy hitter in the cinematic circle (ha!), but to give you a quick exerpt, it is a documentary that was the inspiration to a better known Hollywood favorite, The Horse Whisperer.

Honestly, I had never watched either so they are both new to me. I did recognize and learn that Scarlett Johansson was actually the little girl in The Horse Whisperer…(yes, US Magazine side note!). I proceeded to be up that week with everyone else asleep, and with nothing else interesting on TV I decided to see what Netflix oldies were floating around. Low and behold, Buck pops up in one of the lists. Really??!!! Alright, I’ll give this flick a shot to see what it really is about. The trailer is here below for your viewing pleasure.


The trailer got in my head at first not because of the horses theme, as I know nothing about them, but how this applies to my recent new adventure in fitness through CrossFit. I have avoided this fitness adventure for several years and am just now having my eyes opened to a whole new world. Yes, CrossFit is challenging from a fitness perspective, but it is not just about fitness. It’s about training for life outside the box!

“Breaking a horse… a whole element of abuse. You don’t realize how unjust it is until someone shows you a different path.” I’m fairly driven and for years I have had a mindset of pushing myself harder, heavier, and faster in most areas of fitness. Of course I know rest is important to rebuild and rejuvenate, but rest is honestly a hard one for me to tackle and embrace. No excuses is a mantra of mine and although I’ve had several knee surgeries, I still want to play hard regardless. Call me stubborn, driven, or a pain in the arse… They all apply! The reality is, I will not be able to continue at this driven pace for the long term. I have got to figure out how to do workouts more efficiently so I can play the rest of my life.

I realized through CrossFit that my previous mindset and pace really is a whole element of abuse on my body. I was exhausted, getting stupid, mindless injuries, and hungry all the time. My body was rebelling against me and I was not having it! Insert CrossFit, and I can now see after a short period of time that there is a different way that definitely fuels my competitive fire, yet also gives me the fitness benefits in a shorter, more efficient, less destructive way. Wow! Where have I been? The blinders have come off as I have been shown a different path.

“That vulnerability is what makes you great.”

I’ve mentioned before, but CrossFit was a tad bit intimidating at first. I like to be good at what I do, and I definitely don’t like being vulnerable. Who does? I ate the humble pie, but was determined to come back and do better. I am still striving to get better and learn as much as possible. It was time for a change and time for vulnerability so that I can grow and change in a positive way.

Recently, two team members from our box were working hard during the WOD. Yes, I am really learning how to use CrossFit lingo correctly :) . It was actually an experience that resonated so clearly with me. You see, these team members were TAPPED out physically. I mean physically there really was not much left to give, but with both members, you could see the fire and mental focus in their eyes! It was amazing to see this sight during a really vulnerable state. Both found that fire and pressed on! Yet another clear life application through this fitness journey. You will encounter situations like this in life!

Although we tend to put up the armour when it comes to being vulnerable, there are benefits and life lessons to be had. Being open to new possibilities in life enables you to explore your options more freely and to gain insight into the healthiest and most productive alternatives for yourself. Another benefit of vulnerability is being open to change and altering your behavior patterns so it gives you the chance to rid yourself of unproductive habits that impede your emotional health and personal growth.

“It makes you better in areas not related to horses.”

We conquer hurdles and mountains in life. How will you train to overcome and get past these obstacles? Those workouts are challenging and mentally taxing. Sometimes the fight and battle is monumentous and we can’t mentally see ourselves succeeding. Same thing happens in life! You CAN push through and conquer these situations! The lessons learned in fitness through CrossFit are only tools for life’s applications.

This horse is moving forward! I would love for you to join the race with me.

Best in health-