week 5

WOD monday 01/30/2012 strength: Hang clean 3-3-3

Clean: The 3d Pull, Coach Burgener [wmv][mov]

work capacity

AMRAP 15 minutes

15 Deadlift   135/95 5 handstand pushup 200 meter run

this isn't exactly what we are doing but it can give you and idea.

Diane (TX Annie & Pat) [wmv][mov]

Set your goals. What races do you want to enter? What events do you want to accomplish? How much faster do you want to get? When will you get your first unassisted pullup? I'm sure we have all gotten fitter in the last 4 weeks. Can we continue in this direction? For some of us this has been a life changing experience, for others it is taking us to the next level of fitness. Can you give more effort? Have you given your all?

The great news is that we can all improve. We all can get faster and stronger. Maybe even more flexible and more mobile. No longer is the measure of our fitness by how much we weigh, it is more about how much load can we carry and how far we can go and how fast can we do it.

In these next few weeks, let's give even more. Let's focus. Get determined. Work on those skills. DoubleUnders, Handstand pushups, Pullups, Snatches,etc. Let's reach some levels we never thought possible.

Bring friends. This journey is more fun when we are doing it with people. You know that it works or else you wouldn't be here anymore. You know that this is the best for some of your closest friends and family. Challenge them to journey with you.