Wod Thursday 01/26/2012 Strength: Max thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Work Capacity

G.I. Jane 100 burpee pullups


G.I. Jane (Greg Amundson) [wmv][mov]



Paraphrased, Inspired, and Adapted from The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation

Bad Habits that Got to Go 

1. Processed Carbs and Sugars. Insulin is a killer. If you have a habit of eating processed food and items sweetened with sugar then you are living with elevated insulin levels and a low sensitivity to insulin. This is a deadly condition and not a condition that you want to spend any length of time in.

2. Industrial and Polyunsaturated Oils Heavily processed, “snack”, and frozen foods tend to have trans and partially hydrogenated fats. Any deep-fried menu item, packaged snack, margarine type spread, and things with oils in them to add thickness, texture, or taste promote oxidation and inflammation.  Inflammation and oxidation set up environments for cancer. Oils like canola, safflower, corn, etc. are bad news. Better check your ranch dressing bottle

3. Chronic Exercise Too much, too often, for too long isn’t the answer. The answer is quality of movement,  intensity, and variety. Think quality over quantity. Do the things and set a pace you can keep for 20 years.

4. Sedentary Patterns Prolonged periods of being sedentary is bad news. Your metabolism gets slower, you get stiff muscles and joints, energy evaporates, and you lose your ability to think clearly.

5. Poor Sleep Habits Try to schedule your rest with a plan. Monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep. Sleeping with ambient nose or light is detrimental. For example, sleeping with a TV on in the room.

6. Treating the Healthy LIfe as a Chore Exercise is supposed to be fun and rewarding. Living an active and healthy life is what you were designed for. If you have taken on an attitude of “must do” or exercise as punishment or some other OCD approach to training (like exercise as an escape) it might be time to breathe deep, relax, and let go of that weirdness. Once you are used to living the healthy and fit lifestyle, you’re going to choose it naturally and easy.

Good Habits To Keep Practicing Until They Become Second Nature

1. Eat Whole Foods Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. If that is too confusing, eat meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, high quality fats, a moderate intake of high fat dairy products and supplemental carbs (for heavy exercisers), and an occasional sensible indulgence.

2. Increase Daily Movement Every time you get a chance, choose movement over being sedentary. Park far away from the door. Park and walk in instead of sitting in the car through a drive-in. Take a walk around the block to collect your thoughts, get some oxygen, and ‘relax’ before plopping down on the couch with the remote. Every chance you get choose movement. If you work at your desk, add a stretch whenever you get up. Don’t let more than an hour got by with you in the same spot. At the least, get up and grab a drink of water or take a stroll around the office.

3. Do CrossFit The best habit you could have is regular intense exercise based on variety and functionality.

4. Relaxing Rituals Find healthy ways to relax and unwind. Alcohol is not a good long-term plan for daily relaxation. Try minimizing exposure to digital stimulation (tv’s, computers, etc.). Try reading, walking, socializing, or praying.

5. Simplify and Enjoy Life Learn/remember/practice how to be playful. A fun, light-hearted, playful approach to life can change everything. Life is an adventure. Hyper connectivity to technology, drama laden people, and complications can sap the fun right of life and make it hard to enjoy. Keep learning, getting fitter, getting to know your friends, watching your kids grow up, and enjoying life.

It sounds simple, right? But check yourself to make sure your aren’t blowing it in any of these areas.