WOD wednesday 01/25/2012 skill- squat snatch

Work Capacity- 1000m run 100 pushups 10 squat snatch 135/95

4 Ways to Improve Performance

• Step 1: “Nothing Can Faze Me” – When something doesn’t go your way in a workout, don’t dwell on it. Let it go quick and just pick up where you left off and keep on moving through the workout. If  you make a mistake or get “no rep’d” by a judge you can’t let it faze you. It’s normal to feel disappointed or angry. You may have a cruddy judge that blew the call but what separates the best from the rest is the ability to shake it off and keep rolling. Your challenge is to train yourself to have a “Nothing can faze me attitude” .

• Step 2: Monitor Your Thinking – The body follows the mind. If your self-talk is negative and defeatist, your performance will tank. If you find some negative crud percolating during a workout, replace it on the spot with a personal power phrase or mantra. Find a motivational thought, focus on your goal, repeat what you want, etc.

• Step 3: Stay Composed – Sometimes a deep breath can buy you a chance to stay composed and keep focused. Excess tension and frustration can limit your ability to perform technical or timing dependent movements. Breath deep, reload, fire. Relaxed and composed is the key to speed and power.

• Step 4: Set Targets – Keep setting and reaching milestones. For example, when doing a wod like “Karen” (150 wall balls for time) set targets. Focus on getting 30, then 50. Now push through to 75 – okay, half way there. Not get to 100. Only 50 left. 125, almost done 25 to go. Etc.