define the culture

Wod Monday 23,2012 skill: Kipping pullups

Work Capacity:

AMRAP 15 minutes:

9 Deadlifts 135/95 12 Hand release pushups 15 Box jumps



Week 4. By now those that have begun this CrossFit journey have gotten past their fears of   what they thought about Crossfit, their bodies have gotten past the pain (kind of), and now they are in the groove. Now that we have been introduced to fitness we must now start defining our culture. Keep these things in mind. -The way you train is how you will live , so when you come to the box come with an anticipation to be challenged. Come with an anticipation to give 100% everytime. Leave excuses and complaining outside. DO NOT BRING THEM IN HERE. Burpees will be available to help rid us of  these habits. - This is your time. Stay focused and don't let the outside get in the way. It's only an hour. - Be Positive. We live in a pessimistic world as it is. It's hard enough that we are trying to lift our body weight or more over our head and squatting. Ha! Let's have a "Can do" attitude. People are coming to these WOD's thinking that they can't do it anyway. Let's push and encourage everyone to reach their maximum potentials. -It's not just about fitness. It's about conquering the mountains before us. Every WOD is a hurdle. We train to jump, climb, and crawl over these. Anyway, this is your box. Set the tone and rock it!