week 1

Wod jan 5, 2012

Skill: Push Jerk
Work Capacity

5 rounds for time:

400 m run
20 box jumps (30/24)
15 push jerk (135/95)

Push Jerk Benefits [wmv][mov]

Sorry, messed up on the post yesterday. This is a wod that is going to take some strength and endurance. Decide the rounds you will do and work to complete your goal. Finish what you start. Understand that fitness is not just running fast, or running long, or lifting alot ONE time. It is GPP. It is virtuosity. It is moving large loads of weight quickly and for a good amount of time. Being fit is being unafraid of the mountain that is before you. Are you fit?

As we are moving ahead and working on the schedule, please email dave@crossfitloomis.com and let us know when you are coming so we can plan accordingly. Thanks, we appreciate it. Out!