build it right

WOD- Jan 4, 2012 strength:

5-5-5 Push press

5 rounds for time

15 deadlifts (155/105) 15 burpees 10 k2e's


Ever been apart of something from the ground up? Ever put the effort in to building something the right way? It can be very frustrating. You can look around and envy what everyone else has and try and keep up but ultimately you don't learn or grow. Nothing successful was done easy. It takes hard work, discipline, patience, focus, wisdom, humility. Are these words that describe your goals? Where do you want to be in your fitness? Beyond fitness, where do you want to be in your life? Can you see the opportunities around you? Are paralyzed by fear or are you able to take some first steps to move forward?

Crossfit Loomis is going to change and impact a community with or without you. Preferably with you. Will you be apart of it?