does this stuff work?

If you have never done CrossFIt, how would you know if it works? Well, here's proof from one of the members @ CF Roseville. Check it. Kevin Geoghan keeps his logbook updated. He plans his workouts before he shows up. That means he always has a game plan when he walks in the door. He knows what weights he is going to use. He knows what substitutions, if any, he will need. He watches every video demonstration of the workouts. He looks up and watches the videos for exercises he’s still learning. He shows up early and does extra warm-up and works on skills. He stays lets and works on mobility with stretching. He get’s it. He gets it. He gets it.

So what does he get for his attention to detail, for embracing the program, and for all his handwork (did I mention he is very consistent in his attendance)?

This is what he got: In 4 months he has changed his body composition down about 4% body fat and lost 12 pounds. This was done while gaining muscle, getting stronger, and getting faster. Not bad for a 48-year-old. This is real change. Real body composition change. Well done, Kevin. You are an animal! Keep up the good work.

We’ll see you after the holiday and after you finish your PhD dissertation proposal.

YES! it works. What is your plan?