Look, the proof is in the results. anyone that has been doing crossfit for any length of time knows that results start happening within a 3 week period. You will not know if it is worth it unless you throw down, jump in, and commit for at least a month. You will find that any excuse that was preventing you from starting before will dissipate and you will be fitter than you ever have. You will drop pant sizes, you will have actual muscles, you will have less fat, you will be stronger, faster, leaner. People will start asking you, " what are you doing, because you look really good!" Any excuse you had before will be long gone and this will be a new way of life. You will not want to ever go back to how it's been. How much is a vibrant, fun, energetic, positive, enriching,active," anything is possible" lifestyle worth to you? Some would say,"I would give anything to have that!" Well, the opportunity is here. What will you do? JAN 2, 2012. opening day.

Contact Dave for pre-sign up rates @ dave@crossfitloomis.com.