Friday - “open” options

Friday feb 15,2019


complete in any order

60 calorie row

120 double unders

50 thrusters 75/55

40 pull-ups  

30 snatches 95/65

20 oh squats 115/75

10 muscle up


this year we are definitely encouraging participation in the CrossFit open. It has been a great time of testing your limits and allows us to push ourselves a little differently than in our everyday wods. The cost is about $20 if you would like to sign up. Go to

Also, this year we are going to test out an “in house” open comp. Everything is the same in regards to scoring. Cost will be $20 per athlete and proceeds will go to a possible prize for the winner and gym equipment depending on how many sign up. There will be a sign up sheet at the gym next week.  

there will be different divisions scaled and rx. We will have more details next week.  


Thursday open gym 9-12

Thursday Valentine’s Day 


 For 40 min

minute 1: max burpees

rest 30 sec

minute 2: max wallballs 20/14

rest 30sec

minute 3: max kB swings 53/35

rest 30 sec

minute 4: max deadlift 225/155

score total reps  


Feb 13,2019

emom for 15 min

3 clean and jerks  

- work on cycling ,start light and work on efficiency keeping the bar close and dropping under the bar



12 min amrap

10 toes to bar

5 jerks 155/105


post wod abs

100 bicycles  


feb 12,2019

 Triple 3

50 min time cap

For time:
Row 3,000 meters
300 double-unders
Run 3 miles ( run to Barker and back)

perform in any order

scaling: choose 1,2,or 3  


Monday feb 9,2019

emom for 15 min

2 front squats

- work up to a heavy weight for the last 5 minutes



3 rounds for time

20 pull-ups  

20 pushups  

5 squat cleans 205/145


post wod core: 

3 rounds  

20 sec hollow holds