Head Coach/Owner

David Pabalate



Camille Perkins

Camille started CrossFit as a way to lose weight after her third child. Before that, her athletic experience consisted of jogging and various routines at the globo gym. When she started CrossFit in 2010, she discovered a passion for fitness and shared accomplishment she didn't know she had, and a love for weightlifting! The community and group workout experiences in CrossFit drew her in and have kept her thirsty for MORE ever since! Getting her Level 1 training, and helping others in their own pursuit of fitness and bettering their lives, was a natural progression. She loves her continued personal growth, and seeing others grow into their best selves!

Camille lives in Roseville with her husband Randy, and their three kids Noah, Cali, and Audrey.
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Favorite WOD:
CrossFit Games 2011 WOD- 5 rounds: 5 deadlifts (275/185), 10 burpees.
Dreaded WOD:
Favorite Movements:
Deadlift & Push Press

Dreaded Movement:


Mark Limbird- Level 1

Randy Perkins- Level 1

Misty Smith- Level 1

Mary Cooper- Level 1

Meshell Andersen- Level 1

Heather Tomscak- Level 1

Jenny Hummel- Level 1