CrossFit Gyms are Different

  • We are trainers, coaches, and athletes - not sales people. Results are what matters and CrossFit sells itself because it works.
  • Functional movement, proper mechanics, consistency, and then intensity is the key to success.
  • Equipment is simple and effective.
  • Flat screen TV's, expensive machines, and fitness gimmicks don't work - if that's what you want, CrossFit Loomis is not for you.
  • Shortcuts and over marketed supplements do not help your long-term health and fitness and are not promoted.
  • Questions are welcome, knowledge is shared, learning the 'why' behind what we do is encouraged.
  • The community atmosphere enjoyed during group workouts is an effective part of increasing your performance.
  • The workouts are hard. You will be uncomfortable. It will not be for everybody. BUT, you will be victorious and you will reach your goals.
  • Nutrition is part of the package.

Every Workout is Scalable You will not be asked to do more than are ready or capable of. Each workout can be scaled to your fitness level.

CrossFit Loomis is COACHING. Through CrossFit methodology and Certified CrossFit Coaching, CrossFit Loomis is focused on the healthy and steady progression of all our athletes to a higher degree of General Physical Preparedness. All workouts are conducted under the supervision of a Certified CrossFit Trainer.